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Sweet Bamboo Tower


The Sweet Bamboo tower will provide a truly epic dairy experience for any lucky recipient! Filled with delightful dairy treats, the tower is truly of the ‘sweet’ variety  Includes 6 each of 4 various chocolate cheese truffles for a total of 24 truffles. These little beauties are sure to be the stars of the show! Cookies ‘n’ cream, peanut, lemon and lotus-which one will be your fave? Also includes 3 of our irresistible dairy chocolate pops and 2 additional larger ones, filled with creamy chocolatey goodness, 2 artisanal dairy chocolate logs, and 2 floral chocolate cheese truffles. Exotic fresh florals top off the tower for a memorable dairy gifting choice, or treat yourself to a dairy experience like you’ve never had before!

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